Alignment with asset managers:

Committed to Asset Managers' Long-Term Success

LAM’s affiliated asset managers offer differentiated opportunities and sources of return to their investors.

LAM often incubates strategies using parent capital during the institutional build-out phase, before opening investments to outside capital. In conjunction with its affiliates, LAM offers fully integrated global operational infrastructure and support in several key areas:

Key Areas

JEF has a long history of building successful businesses

Senior management is involved in developing strategy for each asset manager

Ability to provide capital at each stage of growth

Ability to think through and support product development

Daily trade, position, P&L and cash reconciliations

Accounting and tax

Entity maintenance

Coordination with external financial auditors

Budget processes

Team of global compliance professionals

Expertise across regulatory matters

Specialization across multiple jurisdictions affecting buy- and sell-side partners and clients

Team of lawyers with:

Ability to draw on in-house expertise for the majority of situations across legal frameworks

Strong, established relationships with experienced external counsel

Office space: lease, build out and maintenance

IT systems: set-up, desktop support and disaster recovery

Human resources

Business continuity


Internal audit

Team of professionals, dedicated to:

Capital raising

Developing strategic relationships

Competitive and market analysis

Collateral materials

Conferences and road shows

Investor relations

Collaborative Approach

The collective expertise of LAM and its parent, JEF, is more powerful than any one firm.

LAM has established a culture of integrity through the collaboration of its leadership and the management teams of each affiliated asset manager. In addition to adding value, LAM seeks to cultivate and capture distinct growth opportunities, while fostering deep industry and investor relationships. LAM is committed to applying the knowledge acquired through decades of driving results for asset managers, investors and stakeholders.