• Credit

    John Liguori – Jefferies Credit Partners (Private Credit)

    Watch John Liguori, CIO of Mid-Cap Direct Lending at Jefferies Credit Partners, discuss recent developments in the private credit space.

    • Credit

    Justin D’Ercole – ISO-mts (Long/Short Bank Credit)

    Watch Justin D’Ercole, CIO of ISO-mts Capital Management, discuss the potential impact of Basel III Endgame on the banking landscape.

    • Equity Long/Short

    Michelle Ross – StemPoint Capital (Healthcare Long/Short Equity)

    Michelle Ross, Founder and CIO of StemPoint Capital, discusses the expansion within the biotech and biopharma industry.

    • Credit

    Jordan Chirico – 3|5|2 Capital (Asset-Backed Securities)

    Hear from Jordan Chirico, Founder and Portfolio Manager of 3|5|2 Capital, as he outlines what sets asset-backed securities apart from other asset classes.

    • Multi-Manager

    Eli Cohen – Catenary Alternatives Asset Management (Multi-PM Equity Platform)

    Hear from Catenary’s CIO Eli Cohen on the firm’s approach to driving returns for investors in the equity market.