Alignment With Investors:

An Opportunity to Co-Invest Alongside
Jefferies Financial Group

A key benefit to investors, when allocating assets to LAM, comes from the strategic investments and/or equity interests its parent, JEF, has with affiliated asset managers. This approach has aligned LAM’s investment objectives with those of its investors.

The affiliated asset managers offered through LAM can provide investors with advantages over traditional investment firms. LAM’s philosophy is rooted in the long-term capital investment, established infrastructure and other strategic resources it offers to asset manager partners, enabling them to focus fully on investment management and meeting the needs of investors. Moreover, LAM can draw on its long-term relationships with subsidiaries of JEF, including the investment bank, Jefferies Group, and the financial community at large, for additional insight and opportunities.


LAM currently offers the following funds and strategies through its affiliated asset managers:


Multi-Manager Equity Investing

Multi-Manager “First Loss” Model

China Long/Short Equity

Private Credit

Trade Finance

Equity & Debt Capital Markets

Energy & Industrials


Asset-Backed Securities

Distressed/Special Situations Corporate Credit

TMT Long/Short Equity

European Opportunistic Credit

Long/Short Bank Credit

Healthcare Long/Short Equity

Asset-Based & Opportunistic Credit


Digital Assets

Fintech Venture Capital

real estate