LAM supports a wide range of innovative investment strategies. These strategies span across both private and public markets.


  • Pan Asia Multi-Strategy

    Asia-focused multi-manager platform investing across equities, credit, fixed income/rates, FX, and commodities within the region.

  • Multi-Manager Equity Investing

    Market-neutral equity platform focused on fundamental and tactical trading strategies across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

  • Multi-Manager “First Loss” Model

    First-loss, multi-manager and multi-strategy liquid securities platform.

  • Multi-Strategy

    Market-neutral multi-strategy platform that dynamically allocates capital to twenty strategies across equities and macro.

  • Catenary Alternatives Asset Management (“Catenary”) is a multi-PM, fundamental equity market-neutral platform built on proprietary insights into where alpha resides within equity markets.

    Multi-PM Platform

    Multi-PM, fundamental equity market-neutral platform built on proprietary insights into where alpha resides within equity markets.

  • Diversified Partners Program*

    Diversified and leveraged portfolio of select LAM affiliated managers. Limited capacity opportunity for Strategic platform exposure


  • Asset Backed Securities

    Total return strategy focused on the cash securitized products market through investments in consumer-oriented asset-backed securities. 

  • Distressed Credit & Special Situations

    Distressed and special situations long/short credit strategy investing across sectors and asset types.

  • Asset-Based & Opportunistic Credit

    Diversified asset manager specializing in distressed and event-driven opportunities across structured credit, opportunistic credit, and private credit.

  • Long/Short Bank Credit

    Niche long/short strategy specializing in bank credit-related instruments

  • Private Credit

    Private credit platform offering investment programs across mid-cap and large cap direct lending, broadly syndicated loans and CLOs.

  • European Opportunistic Credit

    Pan-European fundamental credit strategy focused on idiosyncratic opportunities with high execution complexity.

  • Trade Finance

    Private corporate credit strategy deploying capital into short-dated receivables, focusing on the inefficiencies of the bespoke trade finance marketplace.


  • TMT Long/Short Equity

    Fundamental long/short equity strategy focused on the TMT, Consumer, Travel, Leisure and Gaming sectors globally.

  • Energy & Industrials

    Global long/short equity strategy specializing in energy and related cyclical sectors with a focus on industries driven by global supply/demand chains.

  • China Long/Short Equity

    Hong Kong-based, Greater China-focused long/short equity manager employing a fundamental approach to identifying long-term investments backed by structural mega trends.

  • Healthcare Long/Short Equity

    Fundamental, science-driven long/short equity strategy focused on providing exposure to specific disease indications through investments in biopharma companies


  • Equity & Debt Capital Markets

    Focus on capital markets new issuance across IPOs, follow-ons, convertible bonds, investment grade debt and high yield debt; additionally manage a pre-IPO crossover strategy.


  • Commodities

    Active strategies designed to provide enhanced commodity exposure. 


  • Digital Assets

    Fundamental, discretionary strategy focused on providing comprehensive exposure to the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem through liquid tokens.


  • Multi-Strategy Quant

    Systematic investment manager employing statistical and quantitative methods across asset classes and trading strategies with use of Artificial Intelligence techniques.


  • Fintech Venture Capital

    Venture capital firm investing in early-stage enterprise technology and B2B Fintech companies.